Your old car falls into the ferrous category. Worn out, broke down, or wreaked, your old car has value to us. We purchase vehicles according to 4 categories: classic/specialty car, complete, incomplete and stripped. Prices vary according to each category. Vehicles are bought by weight and weighed on certified scales. We hate to see classic cars go in the crusher; therefore, we hold on to them in our salvage yard sanctuary. Click here to be redirected to the American Auto Salvage website to find out more about our salvage yard and the trucks and classic cars we specialize in.

Ferrous Metals

Random junk

Bring it all in! Your old lawn mower, your torn down metal fence or your old grille we will buy. Your back yard junk has value. Bring it all in and weigh it up to get paid for junk. Just always ensure that what you are intending to sell is a high percentage of metal. There can be some plastic and other materials but know that heavy materials like wood and water that weigh your product down will cause us to either reject your items or deduct weight from your ticket. As a rule of thumb, try to wait until you have at least 100lbs to make it worth both our while.

White Goods

White goods are old house appliances. We will buy your expired washers, dryers, dish washers, water heaters and refrigerators. White goods fall under the price of mixed tin and steel. Just make sure they are empty before you bring them in. Refrigerators with food and trash, as well as appliances with water still in them will incur a estimated weight deduction. Note also that full price will be paid for appliances that are complete. Appliances missing other components such as motors and wire may be reduced to a low grade steel commodity--typically half price.